Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Measure Of A Man

Not every hero wears a uniform. Some wear plain clothes.

Among the legends of music and astronautics who have passed this year, a less-famous man left us as well: Sacha Dzuba, an aspiring actor, gifted musician and powerfully charismatic fellow whose tribute Facebook page had over 500 members within hours of his passing.
I met Sacha when his band The Julia Dream set up in the Marriott Marquis for DragonCon on a Thursday night. I found him modest about his abilities - which I am aware is the actual sign of great talent. Their performance that night was wonderful.
In conversation I found him to have that eagerness to learn that is the hallmark of youth and increasingly rare among us. He had a sureness about him that made me want to hear what he had to say next, which is also rare, for me. His bearing compelled most near him to be better people, to be interesting enough to remain in his company.

Have you ever met such a person? Someone who was so good at just being themselves that you shut up to see what he was doing, and then modified what you were doing to be more like that?
I hope each of you have the opportunity to meet such a person as Sacha, an extraordinary man with the charisma and manner to entertain and inspire - immediately.