Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ashley E Vargas, Do The Right Thing!

Ashley Elizabeth Vargas is not to be trusted.

Some time ago, when life was good and I was impressed with the brilliance and energy of my niece, I was convinced to cosign a student loan for her. She would attend Florida Institute of Technology, majoring in astrophysics.

My mistake.

I was notified of Ashley's secretly leaving school by a late payment notice from Wells Fargo. Yes, she simply slinked away. Attempts at contact were fruitless - the sign of dishonesty, not hardship, of which there is plenty in her life. Now, this action has lost her an ally: me. Family members did nothing; one sought to excuse her actions. I should have expected that. It was and is reasonable they raised her to do things like this. Nice job, Mom and Dad.

Okay. It IS entirely up to Ashley who she associates with - even if they are folks who didn't make it possible for her to go to school.

Wells Fargo says:

Ashley has not called them since February 2011.
Ashley has not paid a penny of her student loan. Those things are both still true, as of 6/26/19.

And so here we are. I have the records. Well, most of them. Wells Fargo informed me that they have to send the tax form for deducting tuition to her, even though I am the only person ever to pay. I wonder what is happening there... IRS, hello?

Let me make this perfectly clear: I do not desire personal contact with a person who would duck this responsibility. I understand the embarassment of a child at being caught with her hand in the cookie jar, but these deliberate actions are not those of a child; they are simply dishonorable. It should also be clear that Ashley has a responsibility to Wells Fargo - which is being ducked. The moment I find out, through Wells Fargo, that she has paid any amount, that will be credited here.

So far: not one dime. Is this your employee, by any chance?

There has been no misconduct on my part whatsoever. So, if by any chance you're thinking about extending credit, or offering a position of serious fiduciary or other responsibility to Ashley Elizabeth Vargas (the one in Casselberry, Florida), you might wish to ask some pointed questions. Official inquiries can be addressed to r#a#d#w#a#s#t#e (yes, remove the #s) at I will not divulge details to individuals.

Let this be a lesson to anyone observing this: DO NOT COSIGN ANYTHING, no matter what you think of the family member. They will leave you to pay the debt while they party. If confronted, they will rationalize away any responsibility you may suggest.Ashley E. Vargas