Saturday, September 18, 2021

Reasoning Deficit Disorder is Real

Thanks, Dilbert.

Hell, no, you’re not making sense

There is an affliction evident in the general population roughly coincident to the diagnoses of Asperger’s Syndrome or autism: Reasoning Deficit Disorder.

It is clear that large numbers of people express opinions stridently, sometimes even justifying their use of actual violence, based on completely contradictory points of view, a lack of information, or outright lies.

The lack of information is the easiest to comprehend, but very hard to fight once a person has adopted an emotional bond to their idea, however baseless. Only the harshest circumstance of reality can cause them to abandon their oh-so-pleasing fantasy, and then childism tantrums and chaos results. This is to be expected, because Reality is often harsh, and the number of people allowed to age without education and responsibility is rising.

So, I offer a series of statements to fill some gaps. If you are offended, then the fault is entirely yours – yes, yours! - because these statements do not change based on the opinions of any person or group. Maybe you know some of these:

  • A crime is an action prohibited specifically by a statute. Thus, there is no such thing as a “pre-crime”. It follows that since criminals engage in wholly legal activity up to the very point they commit the action of crime, the intended victim is the only person who can defend against it. Police must always act after the fact, because until there is an act, there is no crime. Therefore, the operative syllable in the term, “self-defense” is “self”.

  • Heat flows from hot to cold, and this does not depend on the “system” being “open” or “closed”.

  • Electric cars are far more efficient in use than fossil fuel cars.

  • No public official may legally use their office to violate the Bill of Rights.

  • Every employer gains every penny used to pay rent, utilities, wages, salaries, and for new product from their customers. It costs an employer about 135% of the wages or salary of an employee to employ them.

  • A gun uses chemicals originally derived from tree bark to propel bits of metal as directed by the person holding it, and it never does anything on its own.

  • Slavery is actually being practiced in a number of nations today.

  • Chemistry is an inherent part of all life and all manufacturing processes. In practice, accuracy of description is everything, because a spelling error will identify a completely different chemical.

  • Mathematics, like all languages, does not depend on skin color for any operations. It is the only language which can describe the unseen accurately.

  • There is no such thing as an “exact” measurement. All measurement citations properly identify the thing used to make the measurement and the degree of confidence that the measurement is correct. Do not confuse this with a standard, which is a definition, and therefore cannot vary.

  • “Diversity” does not mean that all people have the same abilities. It means that they cannot possibly have the same abilities.

  • There are four fundamental forces which act on everything you can see or learn: magnetism, gravity, the weak nuclear force and the strong nuclear force. The universe has laws of physics which makes these forces responsible for how matter and time behave in our sight. They rule out “paranormal” phenomena as well as any physical effect of begging, however expressed, because they fully dictate which effects follow causes.

  • World population is made possible because of modern medicine and the use of fossil fuels in food delivery.

  • Insurance does not undo damages or injury in the slightest. Insurance companies can and do run out of funds, completely legally, when the scope of a disaster exceeds their payout capability, which consists of direct investment funds and their reserves, secondary funds typically invested in semi-liquid markets.

  • If all of the participants in an “insurance” program take funds or services from the program, it is no longer insurance, but a socialized benefits program. Actual insurance always includes part of the population which does not make a claim.

  • No right may demand the performance of or a contribution from another person. This is not lost on those who would have their definition of rights applied for their personal gain. Many people and entities deliberately distort and expand the definition of “rights” so that they may benefit monetarily from the confusion.

  • Every transaction of a dollar which is not made in return for goods or services devalues that dollar immediately.

  • There is no such thing as “free”. The cost is just hidden from you, and market forces will bring the expense back around to you eventually.

  • Evidence consists of a consistent chain of observations which can be shown to have an exclusive relationship to the event of interest.

  • EBT, SNAP and other benefits/welfare programs take more money, by proportion, from the convenience store clerk near you than anyone in big business or government, and that money is taken from wage-earners under threat of force.

  • The first duty of any organization is to preserve that organization, and its leaders will employ every tactic to see to its success. Your personal concerns will be second to any already recognized by the organization.

  • In any fight involving a gun, control over the gun becomes paramount and deadly, because deadly force is often the only way to stop the fight over the gun.

  • Modern schools must deal with the fact that many of its teachers have never done anything but attend school – and there are more administrators than teachers in colleges nationwide today.

  • Asset forfeiture, the process by which police seize your valuables on the premise that they were ill-gotten, has taken more from the American public than burglars annually since 2014.

  • The leaders of the most savage and corrupt governments on Earth are still wealthy.

  • The founding documents establishing the United States provided that you would run the country.

  • Nuclear warfare will be far more savage than you can imagine, and you will have no warning, and no actions to take, because the first strike is too fast. If you see an American Navy destroyer in port firing missiles while tied to the pier, that’s likely your only signal. No game represents this accurately.

  • Declaring yourself or others wonderful by simple assertion is useless. The whole world wants to know what you can DO, not what you represent yourself to be.

  • If you offer or advertise something by word, appearance or attitude, you must expect observers to expect something from you based on your actions.

  • No employer owes you anything whatsoever other than full payment for your talents and effort – which you are actually selling to them.

  • Medicine works on physical biology, not opinion, even as there is debate about efficacy of treatment.

  • You can have trade, and thus an economy, without a government, but you cannot have a government without trade.

  • Laws are flatly not necessary until the many have been hurt by the few who misbehave.

  • Every measure to limit wealth has made things harder on the poor.

  • Government cannot give you anything it has not taken from someone else by force.

  • If you do nothing to correct a wrong, your doing nothing is not changed just because you didn’t know what to do. You did nothing.

  • Speech is not action. Claiming to care does not provide relief.

  • Billions of successful people worldwide have never seen a Bible™. Or a Koran™.

  • Every item prohibited or confiscated by the TSA flew on every airline flight prior to 2001. Since screening is not 100% effective, or even applied to all avenues of approach to the aircraft, there are several guns on airliners at any given moment.

  • There is a point where an increase in taxes decreases revenue. The ratio of planned income to actual income via taxation is graphed, and called the Laffer Curve.

  • There is no such thing as homeopathic gasoline or liquor.

  • Single motherhood is not a virtue, and that status is the leading indicator of criminality in every culture it is found. Note that an indicator is not a cause.

  • A child who has not been taught to deal with their own neighborhood will likely not be successful upon leaving it.

  • Ritalin is often an antidote to being a small boy, and it can prevent the formation of an adult.

  • Neglected responsibilities extract payment through consequences which do not depend on other people to exist.

  • Leaders do not have to be nice people to be supremely effective.

  • Common definitions are not engineering or scientific definitions, which must mean the same thing, specifically, every time.

  • No person may be prevented from a first offense.

  • If you wish to impress anyone, you must do something impressive. What you do signals what you really are. The beautiful woman or handsome man really does care what you DO, not what you profess.

  • Mouthing a slogan does not solve any issue.

  • Probate is much more complicated upon the death of a spouse when there is no marriage certificate. The court may keep assets for itself.

  • Video and audio recording equipment is everywhere because millions have learned that lying, cheating and stealing for personal gain is completely acceptable.

  • Being grossly out of shape is no more desirable at 40 than it was at 20, because it robs you of your own personal abilities.

  • The name of a nation, religion or reason is not a race.

  • Lowering standards does not produce better or more capable people.

  • There will always be a percentage of the population which cannot be employed – at all.

  • If you do not know how something is produced – a pound of beef, a peck of corn, a minute of airtime, a vote -- you are at the mercy of those who DO know, because they can alter it without your knowing.

  • There is no benefit to exposing yourself to ionizing radiation whatsoever, and you cannot build up any immunity to it.

  • Information which does not come from its source is subject to manipulation for the presenter’s benefit.

Examples of The Exercise of Poor Reasoning

  • Mistaking fiddling with a computer for real output

  • Allowing children and adults to be treated in ways that would bring prison time if an animal was affected

  • Believing handcuffs and other restrictions make you safer

  • Believing television shows the proper handling of firearms, the exercise of law or the use of any military equipment

  • Accepting the idea that “the South” is where incest and ignorance abounds, when northern states also exhibit these behaviors with regularity

  • Destroying natural habitat in building homes and businesses, then claiming they are “green” structures

  • Thinking that “other” people or the police are responsible for your personal prosperity and welfare

  • Thinking that you know more about an historical figure, such as Robert E. Lee, than his opponents of that time

  • Asserting that police cause crime / are responsible for protecting your person

  • Turning the other way when taxes collected from you are obliged to pay government workers’ pensions (they prohibit full funding of department services)

  • Assuming that the law is what you wish for, rather than what is spelled out

  • Assuming that law enforcement and the justice system actually adheres to the letter of the law

  • Assuming that calling the police will yield the result you want

  • Believing that your “participant” trophy has value

  • Thinking that your vote counts, when you cannot name where the record of your vote might be or the method by which it was counted

  • Indebting yourself to a college for a program in a field without employment; what should have happened is that you determined what jobs you wanted, THEN enrolled in courses to train you in that field

  • Thinking that you saw evidence on television, and being offended when shown otherwise

  • Failing to distinguish between editorial output and source information

  • Clamoring for a law or regulation which can then be applied to you

  • Claiming that your political favorite can do {thing}{prohibited by the Constitution}, but shouting that his/her opponent doing the exact same thing should be jailed

  • Expressing an opinion without the reasoning behind it

  • Condoning drug use among “friends” and family while noting their failures

  • The federal government requires that no private vehicle be parked within 30 meters of an occupied Federal building at contractor facilities. Put in effect as a knee-jerk response to the events of 9/11, this ignores that attackers a) now have a clear running start to the building, b) government license plates are easy to steal, c) suicide bombers can just walk into the building, and d) in most cases, there are zero measures in place to even notice a suspicious vehicle, much less deal with one. So thousands of government contractors walk another 30 meters for nothing. By the way -- the fuel truck can still go wherever it wants.

  • A shooting occurred at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. Activists insisted loudly that only the police and military should own guns, even as a Broward County deputy sat in his car with his guns and did nothing while this activists' classmates were being killed. Later, the same activists claimed that a requirement that backpacks be see-through was intrusive and a violation of their rights.

  • Some assume they have great skill in driving cars or riding motorcycles without attending a single class which teaches what to do at speed.

  • People try to project their competence in their chosen field of employment or field of study into areas they have never considered.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

The American Hoax is Called "Freedom"

Your freedom is being stolen from you, and you are not as free as you think.

Pay attention.

You have never thought about the Third Amendment to the Constitution, and so this is happening right under your nose. There isn’t any way to overstate this. Here’s how and why.

You know about the First Amendment, because you object immediately to anyone saying that you cannot speak. You know about the Second Amendment because of continuous arguments about guns. You know about the Fourth Amendment, sort of, because it’s disturbing to get searched by cops because you had a taillight out. You know about the Fifth Amendment because you hatehatehate that “those people” do not have to testify that they have broken the law. Obviously.

But you don’t care about the Third. Why not? Here’s what it says:
"No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law."

What was it meant to do?

The Third Amendment is intended to protect citizens' rights to the ownership and use of their property without intrusion by the government.

Well, then, where’s the problem? Nobody in the Army wants to live in my house!

It’s that “intrusion by the government”.
See, governments of any size DO have a vested interest in the existence and conduct of its citizens – this is why we have a Census, among other things – but there’s more.

Your information is constantly extracted from everything you do.

Where the presence of soldiers in your home in the 18th Century would suppress any ideas you might have about the proper conduct of government contrary to the status quo, the data mining made possible by networking makes it possible to anticipate and suppress ideas you might have before they are fully formed.

Take a look at this. Can you name who might have organized things such that the identical script was followed by dozens of television stations? Oh, sorry – did you actually trust that smiling face on your TV before I showed you that?
Are you trying to claim that your station, your favorite doesn’t say what others write for her? 

Please stop. You're being stupid.

Okay. It gets worse:

Have you thought about what happens if you don’t pay your taxes? In case you don’t want to say it, I will: if you don’t pay your taxes, the Sheriff of your county will come and forcibly remove you from your property. Your possessions, no matter how many or few, are yours – move them or lose them.
Well, what if you pay your taxes?
Check this case, Kelo v New London. The local government was induced to condemn the homes of local citizens who were completely up to date on their taxes AND who had no criminal record. Those people went to court and failed to keep their homes, as the ruling was that the city of New London acted properly in using eminent domain to force the transfer of private property to a development company. This company actually billed the people whose homes they would destroy for daring to live there during the time it took to go to court - and then the development company failed, leaving bare ground where homes once stood.

Yeah. Go all gooey listening to Lee Greenwood sing about how free you are. I can promise you that’s amusing to the tax man - and to others who have real power over you.

But hey – I’m not done. It gets better – and here’s where the 3rd, 4th and 5th Amendments all get trashed!
Look at the 4th Amendment:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

You have no opportunity whatsoever to exercise your rights in an occupied home, do you? You also have no opportunity to exercise them when you have volunteered all your information.
When you advertise probable cause for anything government might object to, why would the government even bother with your rights?

They won’t.
And - they aren't.
The Internal Revenue Service is now being directed to examine transactions of just $600 and above. Yes - six hundred dollars. Even as this number may be changed in political jiggery-pokery, modern data collection methods make it possible to determine your household's tendencies with respect to accepting public policy - up to and including obeying the law.

Don't worry about the laws which exist now - think about the laws you were sure would never appear. Look around to see things already here, like police in schools and papers to travel.


Thursday, May 31, 2018

How does YOUR mind work, and who are the strangers in your dreams?

Experimenters have shown us that electronics are an order of magnitude faster than neurons at making connections, so --- how is the brain so fast?

Think for a minute about how many things you can do at the same time. Think harder, and you'll notice that with training, the brain can estimate an original premise, then modify all the arguments which depend on the premise on the fly. You can see the immense powers of abstraction the brain has merely by listening to music, observing a work of art...
...or acknowledging the immensity of a project resulting from a simple question: "What do I need to do to put somebody on the Moon and bring them back?"

So, the brain is capable of forming multiple pathways on the fly to solve a problem it has become responsible for solving. One can even enlist the aid of other, like-minded brains to work on the nuances of any problem suited to them.

"OK, genius, get to the point," you said. OK:

You have an avatar in your head for every person you've ever cared about, and this avatar can be considered alive.

You use the general pattern of behavior you have observed in others, as manifested in these avatars, to endow images of persons you've never met with imagined behavior patterns.

Immense abstractive power is present in the alert individual to predict adverse conditions, such as attacks offered through the environment. Be it weather or a rival tribesman, the brain can figure out ahead of time what might happen, and prepare. 

This is a survival trait.

You have an innate power to recognize hazardous conditions, and your memories are both extensive and non-verbalized due to their complexity. You have extensive memories of normal human behavior, a sort of Identification, Friend or Foe, and specific memories of the significant people in your life. You remember what they look like, how they walked and talked, how they acted, what they smelled like at different stages of their lives. This also includes other conditions like those found in your neighborhood and car. The sound of rain on the roof. How the lawn smelled when the dew fell.

There are thousands of scenarios you can consciously recall, and others waiting to be brought out into the open by a trigger of some kind. Can you say, "deja vu"?

It is a trivial thing for your brain to populate any dream with realistic people because the rules for normal human appearance are ingrained. The mechanism is the exact same thing that has you running from a poorly-lit shape in the night.
That rule is: unfamiliar = threat.
The rule in your dream is: "People look like {this}."
The rule for a person about whom you fantasize is: "Person should act like {this}."

There is more!

All the loved ones that have influenced your life are "indexed" in your mind well enough that you know, not only what they look like, but what they would say or do given any particular situation.

Your eyes take an image to be processed by the brain, and the visual cortex is huge
You know about optical illusions. Magicians know dozens of ways to fool your brain with physical illusion. Why would you think you actually have to see something for the brain to work with it?

Grandma isn't seeing ghosts. Her memories are so intense that she can see her memories vividly by contrast with the tamer life she actually leads. She wants desperately to see the people and do the things she remembers.

The power of abstraction is so large that people frequently substitute fantasy for reality in order to feel better, because learning, basically the integration of reality into the mind, is often unrewarding, especially when compared to the comfort we imagine seeing our loved ones bringing. 

As long as we remember the difference which ALWAYS exists between reality and our perception of it, we can avoid costly mistakes.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, LIES and Reasoning Deficit Disorder

Dear Students: You have been lied to.

Your own parents, grandparents perhaps, guardians, aunts, uncles, teachers, your representatives in government, the police and everyone else you have looked up to at this point... have lied to you. They have provided many things for you so that you could be comfortable at all times, on the street, in the mall.

At school.

Then, they all promised you would be safe - just trust them.

And then, some overmedicated psychotic with a rifle arrived at that school - and proved to you that you really didn't have any sort of security. You are NOT "safe". Even the police just sat there as he shot you - and every gunshot spoke the truth.

The truth? What the hell can a gunshot say? This:

There is no such thing as a "safe space".

Rough men willing to do violence on your behalf have successfully defended you for years - so successfully that other people near you decided that there just wasn't anything mean or dangerous to defend against. Not only were defenses lowered, they weren't raised again as the country itself changed - as "entertainment" mutated into watching some thug grab his crotch and shout obscenities. As "the people" morphed from citizens into consumers, greedy for the Next Great Instant Gratification, shouting, "Me! Me! Me!", discarding the idea that they were responsible for... anything.

This might surprise you, but clear up into the 1970s, it wasn't any sort of big deal to see a gun at school. They were just interesting machines. We The People didn't shoot anybody, because that just wasn't done. It wouldn't be fair or just. The gun wasn't blamed for anything, because it was (and is!) obvious that no gun can act on its own.
What could be evil about a thing that burns tree bark (not kidding here, that's what basic gunpowder is made from) to throw a piece of lead?
Why, nothing.

The gun has been around for over 400 years, with "modern" designs dating back over 120; they have also been far more available than they are now. I have an ad from 1958 for a Solothern™ 20mm cannon, with ammunition. Yes, you could have bought it - for less than $200, through the mail. No one would ask you who you were, much less what you were going to do with it.

So what happened? Once, life was understood to be important, and that the lives of others meant something to us. Now? Not so much for many people, who have been shown, not just told, that things and money come from government, they are not earned, and so there is no purpose to be had in their lives. Why should you be responsible for property when government will replace it if it is lost? Why be responsible at all?
Where's my check?

It is a modern issue that some Americans want absolutely nothing to do with responsibility. They will do anything to shift blame from themselves and/or to try to get another chance to escape responsibility. They also wish to do what they please without accountability, and they resist learning - so the lessons of history, which show us what happens when the people cry to be taken care of, remain unlearned.

• A desire for instant gratification
• A desire to escape responsibility and the real work of learning
• Ignorance of the consequences of leading a life of excuses as to why others should act...

...produced a generation incapable of understanding the real world - which is still a jungle, though it has buildings in it. This generation has been pimped out by opportunists seeking to enrich themselves at the public's expense - yes, the political class.

The incessant crying about this issue has made me think that there is an affliction, a disease, I will call Reasoning Deficit Disorder because of its similarity to Alzheimer's.
As you know, the victims of Alzheimer's know that they cannot make themselves understood and can feel their faculties diminishing. It is reasonable that others displaying emotional infirmity might have a similar problem.
How may it be spotted? Well, consider this: people horrified by the shooting at MSDHS, in Florida, are actually calling for people just like themselves to be disarmed nationwide, in the mistaken idea that criminals will then not be able to get guns like the AR-15* the shooter used there. Such people do not notice that the very same system that fed their living bodies to that lunatic is the one they are now counting on to protect them!

• Cops didn't protect me, so
• Let's make it so only cops have guns

There's where public ignorance of history shows up. Those who study history, or who are merely aware of it, are acutely aware of what a police state looks like (hint: only the police and Army have guns), and therefore, who benefits from the presence of the 2nd Amendment: the citizen.

Question: can you name the purpose and the actual job of the NRA?

The aware know that Federal laws regarding gun possession, as opposed to ownership, are routinely ignored. Yes, your police disregard existing law because it's inconvenient. See someone with a warrant on LivePD© carrying a gun? That's supposed to bring mandatory jail time. Nope!
It isn't a gun, any kind of gun, that has changed - it is the people, conditioned so completely by buying stories inciting fear, that they will surrender everything just to get that promise of safety back. Having been told that shackles on them make them "safe", they cry to be shackled further. For "safety".
As we have seen - it doesn't have to be real safety. It just has to look like it, like the TSA groping passengers.

I include a couple of links that elaborate on the issue so as to save space here...
• It's Elementary - And Not Just A School Shooting
• Larry Correia, Firearms Expert, After The Sandy Hook Incident (includes a video)
• Larry Correia Explains Why The Second Amendment Is A Universal American Right

I include this link to the Federal Form 4473 PDF because many people have shown they do not know what has to happen to buy a gun from a dealer in the USA and its territories.

: I am registered "Unaffiliated", not Dem, Rep or Lib, and I am not a member of the NRA. You might have to invent an excuse not to learn from this post.

* - chances are, you do not know just how many guns are functionally identical to the AR-15, whatever you have been told an AR-15 is, so you might have work to do to make your opinion worth anything.

Friday, October 27, 2017

You think you've seen something important?

It is truly difficult to explain the limits of national desperation to a person for whom loss of WiFi is a tragedy...

I work at a Site that has been in operation for a long time. Yesterday I passed by some... not quite... ruins...
The window faces South.
It says nothing. Can it?
Sixty years ago, this building was new, concrete and glass, two hundred offices, in which obscure incantations and rites resulted in brief but violent magic.
Violent? Not the right word by orders of magnitude.
I spell: N-u-c-l-e-a-r.

Three-quarters of the Earth fears that word, so much so that mentioning the existence of the office behind this window once meant prison, and mentioning some of the words uttered within to the wrong people meant certain death at the hands of Federal agents as ruthless as the Mob.
I spell: C-e-r-t-a-i-n.
Half a mile away, there's an anti-aircraft artillery site, where radar, cannons and missiles watched constantly to see that this place was undisturbed.
Yes. Anti-aircraft artillery. In the American woods. There are seven more nearby.

A quiet man in this office thought deeply, and figured, and figured, and figured some more, and a path opened to him and others like him as he peeled Reality itself for the fruit inside: he could turn a heavy metal and a light one into something brighter than the Sun.

Today, I can walk by his window unmolested. I imagine I can see an older, bespectacled scientist, possibly who knows Albert personally, worried about whether his idea will work, worried about what the guards will say when they see him looking at the outside world, worried about how his discoveries will be used.
He pauses to remember his wife telling him to take it easier, but he is unable to stop himself. He has to know. And he knows that it is better he than someone else, someone broken, someone evil with the desire to get even at... something...
And then that light played across his face. A solution...

So he succeeded, he and his professional brothers, so that his neighbors could punish a foe with a fire Satan could not handle.
And that job was finished, and he went home, and stayed home with his smiling and proud lady.

The Sun crosses the sky slowly. Shadows crawl across the wall and the bare concrete floor and then the other wall with its ribs exposed, silently marking the time as nothing happens, anywhere - today as in the last forty years. The windowframe says, "Pop!" once, goaded into speech by the heat, but no one hears it. There isn't even a clock to whirr or tick.

The air conditioner still roars on the lawn nearby, as if the office will be occupied again. Carefully, it filters air drawn underground. It's fresh.

The window faces South. It says nothing. Can it?


This isn't "fake news". It takes a minimum of poetic license. Yes, American agents would kill someone who disclosed nuclear weapons development secrets.

What would make you think that such methods are not in use today?