Thursday, November 24, 2016

Humor: Scatological: Technical\Nerdy

It has come to our attention that certain persons capable of great focus are not conversant with some ordinary societal functions. This should immediately produce improvement in personal interaction at work when posted in the appropriate locations.

Operation of the Typical Flush Toilet

A Guide

The irregularly-shaped white object contained in this privacy booth or stall is a flush toilet. This dual-element, semi-interruptible toroid and its supporting equipment uses state-of-the-art gravitic principles to remove undesired human waste from occupied spaces, thus increasing their habitability and contributing positively to personal hygiene and public health.
When gastric processes increase physical demands upon your system and intrude upon your awareness, possibly distracting you from contemplation of the relative merits of saline vs. silicone in implant technology, it may be time to defecate. The flush toilet is designed to assist you. Thus, this guide.
After entering the stall, take a few moments to examine the sides of the stall for cellulose sheeting, provided on a spool in a dispenser. If the dispenser is empty or nearly so, sortie to find supplies locally or call for assistance from a capable co-worker, taking care to select one cognizant of the task itself with respect to the social strictures which may apply to your workgroup.
Observe the ergonomics of the flush toilet, and note that a seat has been provided to support your weight while the difficult task of purging waste matter is in progress. Observe also the provision of a receiving basin in the toroid, and a control for the admission of fresh water to said basin. Activate this control now to observe the release of potential energy, and the principle of operation of the toilet: matter introduced into the bowl will be entrained and conveyed to processing equipment by the conversion of potential to kinetic energy provided by the piping arrangement. The sequence will time out.
Close the door securely.
Recall the sequence of actions necessary to disrobe, and execute enough of the procedure to remove your current clothing configuration from the likely direction(s) of your personal waste stream.
Sit, facing the door of the stall, so that you may attain greater comfort utilizing the installed seat and be in position to defend your throne against intrusion. Important: more than one person may not use this equipment concurrently without exceeding its design bases.
Defecate. This sequence will also time out.
This process may take some time to reach equilibrium. While you are verifying that transfer success is likely, consider flushing the bowl immediately to reduce odor. Be warned that this measure may result in inadvertent immersion of the posterior, depending on the magnitude of energy release this equipment demonstrates and the flow capacity of effluent piping, in bowl contents; such risk is enhanced for persons whose dependent anatomical features are considered protuberant.
When relief is attained – signified by the cessation of waste flow and the commensurate desire to defecate – flush the bowl. This lowers the likelihood of inadvertent contact with the pathogenic fraction of bowl contents and the consequent propagation of bacteria, E. coli chief among them.
Use the wall dispenser to obtain several sheets of thin cellulose fiber. Place the sheets in your hand so as to enable the removal of incidental fecal matter which may cling to your body, and pass them over obvious and likely areas. Drop each soiled sheet into the bowl. Take care not to allow gross accumulation, which could prevent proper toilet operation in subsequent flushing. There is no penalty for precautionary flushing of the apparatus.
When visual inspection of cellulose sheeting indicates that apparent incidental fecal matter is removed, and flushing has carried away both waste and the attendant paperwork, stand and replace clothing removed for this activity, taking care to place it in a configuration suitable for public appearance.
Exit the stall.
Proceed to wash hands against the possibility of undetected incidental contact with waste in accordance with the instructions in, “Operation of the Typical Lavatory Sink – A Guide”.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Humor: Alternative History: Little-Known Romans

Little-Known Romans

You probably heard in school that the Greeks were great thinkers, and that the Library in Alexandria was a great place to get Starbucks coffee and read a good book.

I'm here to tell you that the Romans had it goin' on, too. They were great thinkers - men and women of action. After all, they lasted a bunch more years than the United States has, and look how much the US toots its own horn. So - just who were these great people, and what did they do to be great?
Invented the personal computer. Fond of apples.
Minority leader of the Senate. Invented the filibuster.
Art collector; invented portable art form for display at parties. Often heard wondering why he couldn’t collect sounds yet.
The manager of the Senate's library and chief diarist, called the "Pagemaker".
Sort of a storyteller / journalist.
The most quoted authority in history.
Caesar's proctologist. Advisor to Caesar on public policy matters. Invented system of storing and retrieving important Senate documents. Co-inventor of the document shredder.
Publicist in charge of increasing tourism to Rome, which has an abundance of stables and open sewers. Quote: “What smell?"
Problem-solver from the Sicilian region of the Empire.
Governor of the Arkans region of Rome; eventual ascent to throne marked the decline of Roman military might and the appointment of favored but inexperienced cronies to high public office. Noted for low language skills, particularly definitions, despite extensive study at the world's leading language school. Husband to Hilarious.
Press agent for the Caesar Administration.
Leading employer of Rome; started practice of rewarding slave owners for the increase of output of slaves and other subjugated persons.
A surgeon, he invented a way to halt seizures.
Caesar's chauffeur.
Chief tax official of the Empire. Sole person to understand Form MXL (long).
Famed promoter of stage acts, among them Bacchus Street Boys, Uno Direction, Britnum Spearius, Lady Gagus, Cher and the Rolling Stones.
Political prisoner, serving life term.
Caesar’s weatherman.
Chief detective in Caesar’s Roman Bureau of Investigation. Renowned criminal profiler. The model for Vidocq and Sherlock Holmes.
Invented absinthe. Thought to have been a major player in senatorial debate.
Invented the Frisbee. The concept was lost for a few hundred years on Caesar’s roof.
Caesar’s useless brother. Model for chief officialdom for millennia.
Anonymous' real name.
Entertainer; a baritone singer renowned for his range and volume of voice. Married Uvula.
Publicity agent.
Developed the infant science of wastewater processing, in association with Plumbum.
Intern studying with Caesar's surgeon Brutus; inspired by Brutus to invent the Caesarian Section.
Caesar’s personal trainer and gym manager. Invented synthetic breasts after noting what happened when some clients lost weight.
Assistant to Greek optics experimenter Spectacles, who stole his designs while he was concentrating on the latest problem.
Caesar’s chemist. Invented synthetic breast milk upon being notified of Fitnus’ invention.
Caesar’s “pivot man”, around which Roman social gatherings revolved.
Caesar’s unpopular cousin, whose arrival at Roman social gatherings signalled their end.
Inventor, more famous as apologist for Bacchus, Hilarious and Bilious.
Caesar’s zookeeper.
Put forth the idea that Caesar's wife could be an effective force for Roman public health care (no). Made thousands of talents dealing in publicly-traded asses under suspicious circumstances. Was involved in embarrassing postal service scandal when documents she mailed to the Senate appeared back at her home, postage due, two years later.
Caesar's main squeeze. Blonde, not shy, ~5'3" - in four-inch heels!
Assisted by associates Tibia and Femur, was the Roman scientist who discovered osteoporosis, a decidedly unfunny disease.
Stylist for Caesar's court. Pioneered the idea that stretch clothing in bright colors was appropriate for large women. Invented the parade float.
Caesar's gardener, before it became possible to hire the Japanese.
Geologist and engineer. Attended by daughter, Magma, he operated a mine on the flank of Vesuvius. Chief figure in conspiracy theories dealing with the destruction of Pompeii.
Invented the waterproof toga, the precursor to the raincoat.
Grand-nephew of “Doubting” Thomas. Still can’t believe Great-Unk was fooled by that trick.
Invented the roof truss, A-Frame home, and, assisted by Rhombus, the swing set.
Invented the "causeway" - but his demonstration project was halted by environmental lawsuits when only half completed. His chief engineer, Peninsula, received a jail sentence. He and his daughters, Islet and Atoll, moved to Crete to continue the construction business with his patented synthetic rock.
Caesar’s illegal immigrant landscaper (the carpenter guy you’re thinking of was really “Yeshua”, as the letter “J” was not used for several hundred more years).
Distributor of Rome's most popular citrus drink. Owned estate in Valencia.
Builder of fine chariots and chariot accessories.
A Roman senator. Formerly, as a prosecutor, initiated the concept of charging the same person for several crimes based on the same, single criminal action.
Invented the industrial inspection gauge called, “Go/No-Go”,  and a method for testing wine that didn’t produce unconsciousness after a couple of hours.
Private Investigator in Caesar's employ, renowned for his good looks; reputed to carry large weapons and an enormous container of wine.
Owner of the largest strip club in Rome, open XXIV / VII / CCCLXV. It contained a maze, making it difficult to leave the premises.
“Hype” man at Caesar’s favorite OTB parlor. Noticed that once a gladiator “got going”, he was hard to stop, and developed ways to spot such a thing.
Mucus’ British cousin.
Lawyer; used the Twinkie™ defense to free his client, Brutus, from an indictment for killing Caesar with a knife. Bystanders clearly heard Caesar ask Brutus if he had eaten two.
Invented the “workout machine” for Fitnus, modifying oars taken from ships of the line. Developed such machinery to propel his other invention, the submarine, on which construction was abandoned at the halfway point: diving was easy, surfacing was not.
Psychologist who proved that the whole universe revolved around her.
Caesar's eldest child, for whom the household staff worked hardest.
Opus' cousin, the "black sheep" of the family. Rich, though no one talks about his sources of income. Always on the road in his custom, lowered Lexus chariot.
The first recorded case of narcolepsy.
Roman engineer who implemented the very first quality controls.
Author. Red-headed son of the chief law enforcement officer, Andus Taylorus.
Courtesan recorded in the Guinnuss Scroll of Empirical Records as having the largest bosom in Rome: Size LXX - about the size of an "XXL" T-shirt today.
Invented the grandfather clock, after watching two criminals swing in the breeze along the Appian Way.
Architect specializing in towers. Strangely, the meaning of his work has become exactly reversed over the ensuing centuries.
Inventor of hair dye. Held patent on several other cosmetic "enhancements" for women; also known for loaning money to those who could not pay for his services immediately, recording such debt on small cards.
"Prank" taxidermist renowned for his inventive "trophy" wildlife.
Invented the "pipe". As a matter of course, invented a method for ensuring that gravity would always provide the motive force for drainage via his piping.
The patron saint of teenaged Romans (called "Acne" in Greece). Invented benzocaine; discovered kaolin and bentonite.
Theorist who specialized in the examination of very small things; was hampered by having to wait for Leewenhouk to invent the microscope, and by his fondness for drink: Schrödinger's ale, the drinking of which may or may not leave one inebriated, and Heisenberg Stout, of which one may know how much has been consumed or how intoxicated one is, but not both.
Roman senator famous for rambling oratory and slight grasp of reality, often described as “not all there”. His predicament may have been hereditary or the result of chemical abuses, but this led to the measure of attendance necessary for an effective meeting… his modern descendant is former state Rep. Corrine Brown - D, FL.
Scientist and mathematician. First to divide a diameter by two (not easy in Roman numerals!)
Nobody quite knows what to make of Rebus...
Assistant to Anus (see above)
Messenger for Bonus; became infamous for his speed at delivering bad news (see above).
Animal behaviorist and experimenter.
Coinventor of the swing set.
Invented use of botulinum toxin for cosmetic reasons. Family is source of legendary statement, “Your face will freeze like that”.
Wrote the Roman tax code. Its principles are still in use today.
Founder of the Only Baptist Church of Rome (it changed its name when a second one popped up).
Travel Agent. Tagline: "Let me take you on an Excellent Adventure!"
The official Embalmer of Rome.
Outcast reporter of gossip among Rome’s elite.
Captain of Testicles' royal guard. Among his duties was that of keeping the men together. Often boastful about his "old unit".
The world’s first ethicist. Dismissed by Bilious for giving Hilarious trouble. His horse was nicknamed, “Scruples”, referred to upon his dismissal with the first use of the term, “…and the horse you rode in on!”
Geneologist in charge of Caesar’s library, featuring his family tree.
Caesar's Cordon Bleu chef.
The first "millennial"; devoted to insignificant activities; demanded and got the first "participant" trophy.
Greek immigrant credited with inventing glasses. Was inspired by events at toga party following the recognition of "beer goggles".
Assistant to Fetus. Forensic pathologist, amateur spelunker.
A part-time Process Server and associate of Mucus; gossip columnist.
An advertising agent; invented the concept of consumer competition, called, "Keeping Up With The Jonuses".
Invented the quill pen (first to remove it from the duck before use).
Caesar's official timekeeper. While most of the time he had no duties, sundials being notoriously reliable, the occasional sporting event tested him severely.
Anonymous' twin brother. Maybe.
Caesar’s chief shepherd, a lonely fellow…
A footsoldier. Invented the athletic shoe.
Builder of chariots for the common man.
Caesar's third son, sometimes called, "Trey". Redneck. Nobody cares.
Testicles (test'-uh-cleez)
Greek-descended general officer in charge of Caesar's army. Known for tactics of sneak attack at lightning speed, without care for casualties. Not known for skill in sustained battle.
Orator, famous for use of arcane and archaic idioms in speech. Distant ancestor of both William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal.
General Kardassian's daughter, known for her dependent anatomical feature.
A wrestler, with the Mediterranean Wrestling Federation.
Radius' life partner.
Rome's leading advocate of homosexual rights. Coined phrase, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Uranus was thrown out of the Vatican; he had more success in Greece.
A large woman, Uvula was a vocalist, charged with singing the finale at any event; she also served as the world's first public-address system. Married Esophagus.
One of Caesar’s favorite concubines. Invented a new way to clean Caesar’s… quarters.

So. You can see, from this small sample, that we have a lot to be thankful for in the development of modern civilization. 

Hail Caesar!