Monday, August 21, 2017

Reality: More Elusive Than You Think

You might be more fond of your ideas than Reality is.

The greater the participation in social media, the greater the uproar surrounding events of interest, and each new crisis is born smaller than the last. Factions curse, block, ban and unfriend one another over disagreements existing almost entirely in their imagination, as there is no apparent link between experience, research and outrage. Often, we have the spectacle of someone second-guessing those on the battlefield from the comfort of a chair in Starbucks, their weapon a bedazzled smartphone rather than a bayonetted rifle grimly gripped in a muddy field...
Let us examine something held dear against an entertaining alternative, such that you see this light:

The seven volumes about Harry Potter are actually true.
J.K Rowling, a destitute single mother living on the dole, was discovered by the real Hermione Granger - played in the movie by Emma Watson - and Hermione recognized a way to do some real good. Ms. Rowling could tell the world Harry's story using Muggle technology and reach an audience much larger than that available under wizarding law. If presented as a fantasy play, it would be wildly popular.
This was a win-win situation. Hermione, already acknowledged as the best witch of her year, sold the idea to the Ministry of Magic because, in addition to the telling of young Mr. Potter's triumph, it would ease tensions between wizard and Muggle wherever the secrecy of the wizarding world was breached - and Muggle technology was getting frightfully good. What would happen if Muggle discovered Wizard without preparation? Violence, born of a sense of betrayal, a sense of exclusion forced on the Muggle world due to its inherent inferiority. Not all battles would be won - so the story is out there, of good and evil, the struggle to live well among forces some cannot understand. Magic is not, after all, uniformly uplifting.

Far-fetched, is it? Consider this:

• Muggles routinely ascribe the formation of unusual weather and the occurrence of unusual events to "a miracle". These are actually magical acts, committed by deranged, evil or otherwise irresponsible wizards. Sometimes, a Muggle is saved by an Auror on the scene. This is where you get those amazing stories of survival against impossible odds. One of my favorites is the tail gunner who landed alone, upright and unharmed, in the sheared-off tail section of his B-17 during WW2. You can recall without difficulty stories of children unscathed by fire, tornado, vehicle accident while everything around them was destroyed.

• Magic cannot be dismissed by religious argument. Muggles widely acknowledge as TRUE the magical stories of religious icons throughout their history. Many of these figures demonstrated their magical powers, such as Apparition (Jesus), Transfiguration (Jesus again), the power of flight (Jesus, Mohammed) and the ability to survive apparent death, although the Horcrux used by Jesus has not been identified (these things are usually heavily shielded from detection, for obvious reasons).
Surely you are familiar with the story of Adam, Eve and the snake... who spoke to them!
Adam and Eve could speak Parseltongue. That's right in the Bible!

• Since the Harry Potter story was released, public notice of autism and Asparger's Syndrome has taken off. This unfortunate side effect is the result of improvements in Muggle communication and reporting networks detecting the Ministry's effort to suppress underage magic. You will notice that many autistic children still possess unusual skills - in fact, their parents will point to astonishing abilities their afflicted offspring demonstrate.

If you don't believe this, it's just because you choose not to believe.
Hmm. Where have I seen that before?


Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Definitely not what you think it means.

There are actually TWO different definitions of diversity in use today:
The scientific definition notes the widely different experiences and genetic precursors individuals have had and seeks to bring them together to use their experiences and abilities to achieve goals.

The colloquial/popular definition seeks to classify people by skin color.
At the same time, an astonishingly bad assertion is quietly inserted into public policy -- although these people are different, they have exactly the same abilities*!

I hope you can see how idiotic that is.

Also quietly, that assertion is completely denied in any non-government venue which collects performance data. CalTech doesn't care where you came from, your scores and interview determine whether you may enter, and it is over 40% Asian. The NFL does not give a damn what color you are if you contribute to scoring and a winning record, and they are over 70% black...
Which exposes one of the biggest hoaxes in American political history. You may have been fooled into adopting an idea which is completely false: that there is only ONE kind of "African-American". 

The graphic should show you how ridiculous this is; all this time you very probably never realized the astonishing diversity of humans on the African continent. It makes no more sense to identify someone from Mali and someone from South Africa in the same way than it does to call a German, French.

And that is if any tradition was maintained by American families from those areas. Many - most in some urban areas - cannot find their ancestral home on a map, and they cannot name anyone who has lived there.
It doesn't make any real sense to label people for a region they have never seen, but there are activists in the USA who MUST maintain as many people in the *class* "African-American" as possible in order to make money off that population. This is incredibly lucrative, as their number has increased by over a hundred and five times since they were forcibly moved here.
Sadly, this has led to individuals being handicapped by association with a group in the United States that has shown truly horrifying performance in schools, regardless of spending or management identity, and establish crime rates that cause large areas of major cities to be off-limits to the law-abiding.
Get Google Earth going. Look at the African continent. See for yourself!

*Until MONEY can be made from a difference.