Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Definitely not what you think it means.

There are actually TWO different definitions of diversity in use today:
The scientific definition notes the widely different experiences and genetic precursors individuals have had. This allows the conscientious and honest manager to bring them together to use their experiences and abilities to achieve goals.

The colloquial/popular definition seeks to classify people by skin color.
At the same time, an astonishingly bad assertion is quietly inserted into public policy -- although these people are different, they have exactly the same abilities.

I hope you can see how idiotic that is.

Also quietly, that assertion is completely denied in any non-government venue; these typically collect performance data. CalTech doesn't care where you came from, your scores and interview determine whether you may enter, and it is over 40% Asian. The NFL does not give a damn what color you are if you contribute to scoring and a winning record, and they are over 70% black...
Which exposes one of the biggest hoaxes in American political history. You may have been fooled into adopting an idea which is completely false: that there is only ONE kind of "African-American". 

The graphic should show you how ridiculous this is; all this time you very probably never realized the astonishing diversity of humans on the African continent. It makes no more sense to identify someone from Mali and someone from South Africa in the same way than it does to call someone from Germany, French.

And that is if any tradition was maintained by American families from those areas. Many - most in some urban areas - cannot find their ancestral home on a map, and they cannot name anyone who has lived there.
It doesn't make any real sense to label people for a region they have never seen, but there are activists in the USA who MUST maintain as many people in the *class* "African-American" as possible in order to make money off that population. This is incredibly lucrative, as their number has increased by over a hundred times since they were forcibly moved here.
Sadly, public policy dating from the Johnson Administration has led to individuals of truly vast abilities and awesome work ethic being handicapped by association with a group in the United States that has shown truly horrifying performance in schools, regardless of spending or management identity. The practice has fomented crime rates causing large areas of major cities to be off-limits to the law-abiding.
This is concealed, deliberately, by a press eager to pretend that political correctness is part of their job.
Get Google Earth going. Look at the African continent. Use Street View, at least. See for yourself!